Politics of Esse

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The Essian Commonwealth has a diverse political history and climate, with a wide range of political ideologies having been created and represented over time in the Commonwealth. As a constitutional monarchy, there is a large amount of power invested inthe monarchy, and most all the rest of the power is delegated to the Parlamenzalochas.

Political ideologies

Types of government specific to micronationalism


Weishaupt's political compass, June 2015.

Weishauptism, at the time known as People's republicanism, is a political ideology based on a mixture of many different political stances drawn from both the far left and far right, named for then-Lord Protector Edwyn Weishaupt. The ideology was originally the political stance of Weishaupt's True Republican Party, though it later abandoned said ideology in favor of a broader libertarian Marxist stance.

Fiscally, the ideology stood for fiscal conservatism, and held a belief in mixed market capitalism similar to the economic system adopted by the Essian Commonwealth's predecessor, the Federated States of America.

Listed beliefs of the party included:

  • Republicanism - Free and equal elections are essential for the security of a free state.
  • Conservatism - Preserving the ideals of the free market is an important duty of the populace.
  • Nationalism - The nation thrives on the belief that said nation is exceptional.
  • Radical Centrism - That neither the far left nor far right builds the ideal society.

Essian nationalism

A poster largely arguing for the independence of colonial Esse.


Current parties

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Parliament Governorships Logo
Political parties represented in the Parliament
Green Party
Graeca Partite a Essia
Environmentalism Centre James Frisch
6 / 10
4 / 6
The Democrats
A Demarchi
Essian nationalism Centre-right Alexander Gibbs
3 / 10
1 / 6

Defunct parties

Esse has seen several parties in its history that later folded.