Politics in Myrotania

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Myrotanian is a single-party state. The party in power over Myrotania is The Myrotanian National Party (MNP), run by Thomas I, Emperor of Myrotania

The idea of a party system was first introduced to The Empire of Myrotania on 8 August 2014 with the Myrotanian National Party.


Executive power in Myrotania is exercised by the Emperor, via His Imperial Majesty's Government (the unicameral legislature of Myrotania through the MNP

The Myrotanian Government

The monarch is the head of state, however, a Prime Minister can be appointed by the Emperor as a de facto head of government (although all decisions of the Parliament must go through the head of state, who is incidentally the de jure head of government).

Plans for new political parties

Party Name Party Logo Short Name Leader Position Colours Seats
Myrotanian National Party
MNP logo.png
Thomas I
Red, Yellow
1 / 1
Labour Party
0 / 1
Green Party
Green Party
0 / 1

Myrotania CoA.png

Empire of Myrotania

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People and Culture

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