Political re-education

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The term Political re-education (officially Corrective Penal Measure 913 in Erusia) refers to a controversial criminal punishment in the legal system of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and, to a lesser degree, a similar but distinct system in the now defunct Socialist Republic of Licentia that was in operation in mid 2008 and devised by the same person. In Erusia, the system was developed largely in order to establish an effective micronational counterpart to detention and imprisonment. Since mid-2009 it has become the standard form of criminal punishment used in the Democratic People's Republic, largely due to being the most practical one available. Though little is known about the system itself, its mastermind Michelle Yui asserted that the Political re-education system is aimed at "encouraging the reform of thought and idea to encourage individuals to embrace the rule of law, accept the rule of the People's revolutionary vanguard and thus go on to live happy and productive lives", leading many to believe it is a form of political indoctrination. In order to comply with macronational law attending re-education sessions is voluntary, though those who do not attend face a full ban from all activites relating to Erusia or micronationalism for the duration of their sentence.