Political parties of Quertinia

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There are currently three parties in Quertinia:

  1. Quertinian Ultra Conservative Party ( Quertínska Ultra Konzervatívna Strana- QUX)
  2. Alpenhof Ecological Party ( Alpenhofská ekologická strana- AES)
  3. Kaledónska ľudovodemokratická národnooslobodzovacia strana- Kľdnos


Is a very konservative right-wing party combining christian fundamentalism and nationalism.


  1. President Frederik Astúrski
  2. Prime minister Andrej Isarnski


An ecologically-nationalist orientated party.


  1. Jozef Alpenhofski- Minister of Ecology


A very radical left-wing libertarian party with three members. Its greates enemy is the AEP.


  1. Jeorje Kabaňes- Minister of interior
  2. Borim Valdes- Minister of defence
  3. Inurslav Velki- Minister of Economy