Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Livonia

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The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Livonia, or Politburo is the collective body that governs the Communist Party of Livonia. It is a 10 seat body, when the Chairman is included.


The Politburo is appointed at the end of evey Communist Party Congress. At each Party Congress, a Party Committee for Political Bureau Selection is formed and tasked with making a list of candidates to fill the Political Bureau's nine seats and the Party Chairmanship. At the conclusion of the Party Congress the Committee presents its proposed list and the Party Congress votes on approval of the list. Should the proposal fail, the Committee must resume its deliberations until a proposed list of candidates is approved. All members of the Politburo must be Party members.


The Politburo is taked with the daily management of the Communist Party. It is empowered to issue statements on Party policy.

The Politburo is also empowered by the Constitution of the USSSL to approve appointments to the Presidium and the Council of Ministers. Approval from the Politburo is required for appointments to those bodies.

Any statement, and all appointments, must be approved by a simple majority of the Politburo. The approval of the Chairman of the Communist Party will be required for the proposals to be approved.

Current Political Bureau