Plushunian National Unity Party

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The Plushunian National Unity Party was a right-wing traditionalist nationalist political party of Plushunia. The party was founded in the summer of 2019 by several more nationalistic members of the National Front, which broke away from the party after its leadership decided to have it merge with the Democratic Party (Plushunia). The National Unity Party retained the nationalism and centralism of the National Front, but adopted a more traditionalist view on most social topics, advocating for "the preservation of culture" and against globalisation. However, the party did not enjoy the popularity of its predecessor, its best performance being 6.03% of the votes (1 seat in the Parliament) in the September 2019 legislative elections, and eventually merged in December 2019 with another nationalist party, the Unity and Solidarity Party, to form the National Democratic Party.

Plushunian Party For National Unity
Partidul Pluşun pentru Unitate Națională
PresidentRilă Croșetă
Membership  (2019)~5
Political positionRight-wing
Official colorsPurple