Plamen (Plam) Iliev

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Plamen (Plam) Iliev (English)/ Пламен Илиев (Bulgarian)
President of People's Republic of Plamia
Assumed office
1 November 2015
Predecessor Office established
President of the United Micro Nations
Assumed office
10 May 2020
Predecessor Office established
Prime Minister of People's Republic of Plamia
Assumed office
3 January 2018
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 13th of January 200X
Sofia, Bulgaria
Birth name Plamen Georgiev Iliev
Citizenship Current:
People's Republic of Plamia
Nexan Republic
State of Maple
Monmarkian Empire
Kingdom of Oldavia
Confederation of Luka
Democratic Republic of Benjastan
Selembroznia (dissolved)
Arkovia (dissolved)
Alaurentia (disslolved)
Fozmia (kicked out after the estabblishment of a dictatorship)
Nationality Bulgarian/ Plamian
Political party Plamist International Party
Other political
r/SimDem five times candidate for Senator in the CLP
Plam Party of the Nexan Republic
Residence Sofia, Bulgaria
Religion Partial Thiest
Military service
People's Republic of Plamia
Service/branch Cyber Forces
Rank Supreme Commanding General
Battles/wars TOES-Almendria War
Doctrinal Conflict (THe Perfection War)
Lexian civil war
War against Old-Lexia
Promatian Conflict (the January one)
Promatian Conflict (the one with all the ministers' resignations)
Micro Left-Right Cold War
                                                                               Plam's Story
 Most things known about Plam are colpleatly pointless useless facts that make no diffrence, like he had six pet fish and they died 5 years ago, he has seen swords older than the country he lives in and that his name means Flame in direct translation. 
 His micronationalistic tendencies start in late 2015 and he forms a nation with his friend called the NickoPlamian Republic which he hands presidency over to a friend and never remembers it again for years. in mid 2017 while he is visiting a small town for a month because he is visiting his grandma, he makes a new nation with a couple of his friends, and they name it the Woodland Cilivization, but it resolves after the visit ends. When they meet up again 2 years later, they decide to remake it as a federation, which falls apart after less than a day and each of them has its own nation, the kingdom of Plamia included, after Plam and one of his friends team up they form the Emilo-Plamian Empire and attempt to invade the other nations which fails at a stalemate. The empire ends and Plam goes home. After spending his late summer watching a series on YouTube about starting your own micronation, he decides to try to remake Plamia into something better. 
 He firstly decides that his nation would be communist, which it never becomes. After that he claims a back yard and posts a picture of the flag to r/micronations on reddit. After that, he gets involved in the August Uprising, trying to ask people questions about what their side of the story is. He tried to be allies with Taninim Long, but his nation died. He interviewed both Soaring, a then minister of Promatia and the leader of Ferabotna u/Asadmaninapacho, and decides to form a faction against conflict, calling it UMN, United Micro Nations with Duke Matt of Selmbrozbia, which later on expanded to host many other members. After that, there was a cold war between the ISAF and UMN, but a radical anarchist with unspecified policy on anything claimed that they would destory the community and the UMN and ISAF made peace. After said anarchist was pushed back, he joined a faction of radical perfectionists who wished everyone to be perfect or they shall be punished by death. Plam talked with Perfection leader Kusselo and got a member of the group to declare that the anarchist before mentioned is no longer the ruler and a new nation was formed, said inside man then revealed screenshots of conversations and they helped out with eventually getting the perfectionists to stop.
 Meanwhile it is known that Plam drew at least 5 digital and irl paintings of the Nexan Republic duirng said war and got Nexan citizenship. When a new nation popped up and Plam made an embassy, he tried to get the now non-anarchist nation an embassy and it was accepted, but war arose and Tizian, the leader of the nation was blamed for supression. After only 2 days of the embassy existing, it was destoryed and denied repair, forcing Plam and the UMN to join the war against Tizian. A then friend of his called Kris, but refeared to as Amb by Plam joined Tizian and started raiding servers. A nation in which Plam was a minister of justice was taken over by dictatorship and the new leader banned him for opposition. Said leader, only known as Aniem joined Tizian and they collectivly made a big group of auth nations. That group included but was not limited to: Tizian - election supressor, Amb - server raider, Aniem - ender of democracy, Floj - server raider, LtGranin - account hacker, Hyoed - DM raider and more. Duiring one of the defence meetings he met Sylvie Vaux, who invited him to the Maple server, a place in which he changed his philosophy and understanding of topics and went more and more lib left. He met a lot of new people with which he talked and passed a proposal for the so called Hug Act that is now an official law of the State of Maple. Sense 17th of January 2021, he is officially considered the Duke of Flamia by the Monmarkian Empire.


Royal Honours