Plaid Ddemocrataidd

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Democratic Party
Plaid Ddemocrataidd
LeaderJames Frisch
SloganBro, Morgannwg!
Founded09 March 2020
Political positionCentre
1 / 6
Senedd Morgannwg
3 / 5

Plaid Ddemocrataidd (English:"Democratic Party") is a political party in the Kingdom of Morgannwg and the Abeldane Empire. It was founded by James Frisch to contest the elections in March 2020, where it won 2 seats and the position of Prif Weinidog, forming the government.


Plaid Ddemocrataidd has primarily positioned itself as a party supporting states' rights, working to establish the Morgannwg government and remove what it has described as overreaches by the federal government. The party also espouses prenationism. This has attracted allegations that the party has adopted an ideology for the sole reason that it does not know what it is; the leader, James Frisch, has denied these allegations.

Electoral performance

Prif Weinidog

Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 I James Frisch 7 87.5 1st Elected


Election year Votes % Seats +/- Rank Government Ref.
2020 I 5 62.5
2 / 3
Steady 1st Majority