Phokland Labor Party

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Phokland Labor Party
ChairmanMia Sanchez
SloganBe Seen, Think Green!
Founded2 November 2018
Dissolved3 March 2019
Ideologysocialism, left-wing nationalism
Political positionCentre Left
Official colorsGreen, Gold, Black
Party flag
Union of Phokland.png

The Phokland Labor Party (PLP) was a historically successful Phoklandian political group based around the ideas of left-wing nationalism and was the leading party of the Tsardom of Phokland at time of dissolution. However, the party was most known for the fact that it was the first Phoklandian political party to be established after the lifting of a longstanding ban on political groups.

2018 Phoklandian Flag Referendum

The Phokland Labor Party headed a referendum to update the Phoklandian national flag. This debate was settled on 30 November 2018.

Prominent Members

Photo Name Last/Current Position Accomplishments
150px Dame Mia Sanchez Prime Minister Fourth Prime Minister of Phokland, First Minister of Agriculture for Phokland, First Female Prime Minister of Phokland, Royal Body Guard, Chairman of the Phokland Labor Party.
Vape.png Duke Brock Lang Prime Minister Co-Founding Father of Phokland, First Defense Minister of Phokland, First Director of the Phoklandian Coast Guard, Second Prime Minister of Phokland, First Duke of Fort Portland, First Premier of the Province of Greenlandia.