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* [https://www.sealandgov.org/ The Principality of Seland]
* [https://www.sealandgov.org/ The Principality of Seland]
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Seborga The Principality of Seborga]
* [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Seborga The Principality of Seborga]

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1 - The Joke Phase

Look at my black-red-white, blue-purple, monochrome, or trollface flag.

— Buttfaceia

You have just been introduced to micronationalism, and are not sure what to make of it. It appears to be made up of a bunch of kids arguing over fictional drama, but always from a month ago. You decide you want to make a nation just to troll their community.

Defunct Nations from Phase 1

  • About 90% of micronations you see only once.

2 - The Fun Phase

I am a dictator, who will let me rule them? My nation has the word Reich, or Socialist in it.

— Rickystan

You have joined the micronationalists and gained a little name for yourself in this niche community, and decide you want to stay a little while longer. You and your online friends agree to join up in a new reformation to the be dictators of a new state. Of course your nation only has 4 members, and your gang of misfits argue with others about whose dictatorship should be the true and only.

Defunct Nations from Phase 2

3 - The Serious Phase

I want to be taken seriously, so now I am no longer a dictator. I am a king. Who wants a royal title?

— The Second Grand Duchessy of the Emerald Coast

You and your friends have had enough arguing. You realize nobody wants to join a group of people who are going to treat them like garbage and abuse their power. You come up with a brilliant plan to bring people in by giving them noble titles so you can treat them like trash, and still be crowned dictator. You want to execute this plan posthaste, but you need a family crest and a coat of arms first. The new people joining should each have a coat of arms too.

Defunct Nations from Phase 3

4 - The Hobby Phase

There are reasons modern governments are not monarchies. I want to be more like a modern government.

— The Democratic Seminole Union

This is alot of work. So many people are asking for you to make them their own coat of arms. This isn't what you and your lads have signed up for. Now you know why governments go the democracy route. The populous can handle it themselves. They can even write law for you. And every one loves democracy. How do we let them know we really mean it? I know! We should make a new, high quality, sleek, and professional flag. Or at least one we think looks professional. Also our flag should have a single star on it.

Defunct Nations from Phase 4

5 - The Enthusiast Phase

Politics is really boring. Can we focus on building infrastructure in, unrealistically-uninhabitable-land, Marie Byrd Land or Bir Tawil?

— New Seminole Union

Nobody from your nation is drafting law. Nobody wants to work to make this thing a reality. Those cowards. You are left to do it all by your self, and your lads are starting to get bored with the whole micronationalism thing. But you aren't. You want to take this to its eventual conclusion. A state that secede from its host nation. This nation is just a womb by which your nation is birthed. Time to announce that you have a brilliant plan to make this thing work out in the end. You work up all of wikipedia as epic montage hacker background music plays, and you find out... there is still unclaimed land on our blue marble! You can take it, and nobody else. You are so glad nobody else thought of this before.

Defunct Nations from Phase 5

6 - The Reality Check Phase

Okay, so maybe my claim was unrealistic. We have a new claim now. How do we get money? Please help, my nation is dying slowly.

— Nation of Seminole

People keep making fun of your for wanting to live in the desert, either the hot one or the cold one. You are beginning to think they are right. How are you even going to fly there? Do your friends even know how much it will take to fly out 5 years worth of butter, and 10 tweens to Antarctica. Its insane, but I know we can do it... right. You look down at your bank account. Drats, just a few hundred million short. Maybe we should get a new claim, one with less terror, disappointment, and misery.

Defunct Nations from Phase 6

7 - The Building Phase

We have accepted that we have no money, but we know people smart enough to build. We just need to get settled there.

— Federation of Seminole

Okay, so you have no money. But that is fine, people do big things without money all the time. Just look at google, they did it and you can do it too. We will kickstart, go fund. I bet we could find a dozen investors that will want to build their large warehouses full of questionably legal things in our desolate wasteland. Tax free too! As long as we subsidize the hurricane damage, they will be all over a place where they can manufacture their guns with limited oversight. Think of all that revenue. All we need to do is draft some laws, and hop into google docs and type for 8 hours with three people who actually care. But of course we should argue about the contents of that document on discord until one of our national leaders quits.

Defunct Nations from Phase 7

8 - The "Not A Micronation" Phase

We are an actual nation. Please do not associate us with blue-purple flag man.

— Seminole, the Democratic Republic of

You have had one too many 8 hour arguments with the lead guys around. You start to realize 12 year olds aren't mature enough to make legislation about regulating murder, and "other" human rights violations. You take a head count, and it looks like... hey. You have about ten people over the age of 21, and that isn't bad. There are fortune 500 companies that started with alot less, maybe you can actually pull this off. What is the email for the International Organization for Standardization again? I am busy requesting for observer state status in the United Nations.

Defunct Nations from Phase 8

Existing Nations from Phase 8