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| name              = Petrus I
| name              = Petrus I
| succession              = [[Winterspell Monarchy|King of Winterspell]]
| succession              = [[Winterspell Monarchy|King of Winterspell]]
| image              = Petrus_I_2022-5-26_B.jpeg
| image              = Petrus I 14-6-2022.jpg
| image_size        = 186px
| image_size        = 186px
| reign              = 10 December 2017 - Present
| reign              = 10 December 2017 - Present

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Petrus I
King of Winterspell
Reign 10 December 2017 - Present
Predecessor Monarchy Established
Heir Presumptive Princess Olivia
Prime Ministers
See list
Lord of Winterspell
Reign 13 April 2017 - 10 December 2017
Predecessor Title Created
Successor Title Destroyed
House Andreas
Father Prince John
Mother Princess Holly
Born 29 January 2003 (2003-01-29) (age 19)
Longmont, CO, USA
Religion Teaist

Petrus I (Pierce Anderson; born 29 January 2003), self-styled as Petrus Majesté, is the King of Winterspell. He created Winterspell in 2016 alongside Grand Duke Hunter.

Personal life

Early life and education

Petrus was born on 29 January 2003 in Longmont, Colorado as the first child of parents John and Holly. He spent much of his childhood in the company of his family often going on day trips with his grandparents.

Petrus attended Skyline High School graduating in 2021. At Skyline, Petrus played Ultimate where he was known as the 'Khaki King'.


Petrus is noted for his eclectic taste in music listening to a wide range of artists from Mozart to Ensiferum covering nearly three centuries of music. He was a member of his school choirs for seven years until his graduation in 2021. He also played the violin for three years in his middle school orchestra eventually giving it up to double down on singing.

Micronational career

Creation of Winterspell

In the spring of 2016, Petrus alongside Hunter founded the Winterspell Club in their Minecraft city of Linsonkeep. The club existed only in Minecraft until a Winterspell Discord server was created on 13 April 2017 named 'Winterspell Club Est. 2016'. Winterspell was intended to be a small server for Petrus' closest friends but quickly outgrew this purpose. By the end of 2017, the Winterspell monarchy was established crowning Petrus the first Winterspell monarch.


Following Lord Aidan's suggestion to diversify the roles in Winterspell's Discord server, the title of monarch was created. Petrus was nominated to be Winterspell's first monarch by Jackson Whitted. Unopposed in his nomination, Petrus became king the same day starting his reign. Initially, the role of the monarch was to run and moderate the Winterspell Discord. Following the passage of the 'New Winterspell Constitution' in late 2018 and establishment of the Winterspell Parliament in early 2019, this role grew into a more governmental position. As monarch, Petrus has written the majority of Winterspell's legislation partaking in both the 2018 and 2021 constitutional conventions. He has also overseen the growth of Winterspell's population into what it is today.


Petrus was in attendance at the first Winterspell constitutional convention in 2018 where the first draft of the current constitution was produced.[1] This convention marked one of the most significant turning points of Petrus' reign. The new constitution defined what his role in Winterspell was, though it was written using vague language allowing for a loose interpretation of what the monarch is meant to do.

11 February 2020

On the 11 February 2020, Princes Jackson and Quinn left the kingdom causing a general panic within the Winterspell government. Petrus disbanded parliament for the first time as the two departed princes formed two thirds of the upper house. In the period without parliament, Petrus made reforms removing the upper house entirely making parliament unicameral. He reinstated parliament just over a month afterwards.

June Concordat

On 28 May 2020, parliament attempted to exile a member of the Discord server. This move was vetoed by Petrus though the veto was overturned. This instigated a new set of reforms knows as the 'June Concordat'.[2] This document changed how parliament, titles, the judiciary, and the entire social system of Winterspell worked. This reform saw much support from members of the server and has continued to affect how the government functions today.

Prime Minister

On 6 October 2020, the Winterspell Discord server reached 100 members for the first time. This milestone prompted the proposal to create a Prime Minister position to administer the Winterspell Parliament.[3] This function was previously held by Petrus who relinquished it to the new parliamentary role.

Titles, styles, and honours

Styles of
Petrus I of Winterspell
Petrus I Monogram.jpeg
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSir or Mr. King


Petrus' full style is:
His Majesty Petrus the First, King of Winterspell, Duke of Taylor, Count of Provenance, Baron of Vetrône, and Mayor of Château-Andreas

Current titles

Former titles

  • Winterspell Lord of Winterspell, 13 April 2017 - 10 December 2017

National honours

Country Date Appointment Ribbon Post-nominal
 Winterspell 20 January 2022 Sovereign and Knight of the Royal Order of Taylor Ribbon bar of the Royal Order of Taylor.svg SROT
 Winterspell 20 January 2022 Sovereign of the Order of the Broad-tailed Hummingbird KCBH.png SBH

Foreign honours


Country Date Appointment Ribbon Post-nominal
 Indradhanush 26 October 2021 Knight of the Order of Chandrachur I[4][5] Order of Chandrachur I - ribbon.svg
 Indradhanush 26 October 2021 Knight of the Order of the Royal Indian Star Knight Dame - OIS.svg
 Indradhanush 26 October 2021 Knight of the Order of Dhamma Order of Dhamma.svg
 Vishwamitra 11 January 2022 Member of the Most Excellent Order of the Vishwamitra Ribbon bar of the Order of the Vishwamitra (Member).svg MV
 Vishwamitra 12 February 2022 Grand Commander of the Order of the Crown of Purvanchal[6] Order of the Crown of Purvanchal - Grand Commander.svg GCCP
 Vishwamitra 15 April 2022 Member First Class of the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit[7] Order of Diplomatic Service Merit - Ribbon (First Class).svg M1DS

Decorations and medals

Country Date Appointment Ribbon Post-nominal
 Indradhanush 3 January 2022 Recipient of the Coronation Medal of Monroe I[8] Coronation Medal of Monroe I - ribbon.svg
 Vishwamitra 15 April 2022 Recipient of the Civil Service Medal Ribbon bar of the Civil Service Medal (Vishwamitra).svg CSM
 Vishwamitra 15 April 2022 Recipient of the Commemorative Medal of the Crystal Jubilee of the Foundation of Vishwamitra Ribbon bar of the Crystal Jubilee Commemorative Medal.svg

Order of wear

Awards that are worn regularly by His Majesty Petrus I, the King of Winterspell are noted in the above tables and are worn in accordance with customary Winterspell conventions applicable to the occasion, the location and to the form of dress worn. Awards not specifically noted are worn by King Petrus I on appropriate occasions relating to the country that made the award, again in accordance with Winterspell conventions. The ribbons worn by King Petrus I are as follows:

Order of the Crown of Purvanchal - Grand Commander.svg Order of Chandrachur I - ribbon.svgKnight Dame - OIS.svg
Order of Dhamma.svgRibbon bar of the Order of the Vishwamitra (Member).svgCoronation Medal of Monroe I - ribbon.svg

Arms and monogram

CoA Andreas.png CoA Winterspell.png Petrus I Monogram.jpeg
Personal coat of arms Coat of arms as King of Winterspell Royal monogram


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