People's Republic of Tesforia

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The Peoples Republic of Tesforia
Tesforia Flag.png
Coat of Arms of Tesforia.png
Coat of Arms

Free those oppressed!
All Stars Burn As One
Long Island, New York
Capital cityBreningrad
Largest cityDragon Beach
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No Official Religions
Short nameTesforia
- PresidentBrennan Sullivan
LegislaturePeoples Grand Parliament
- Last election - July 2020
Established13 April 2019
Area claimed147.85 acres
CurrencyUnited States dollar (USD), Chocolate bars
Time zoneEST
National sportAir hockey
National dishChicken Parm Hero
National drinkShirley Temple
National animalDuck
IMSO 1 codeTSF
Member state of the Cupertino Alliance.

The Peoples Republic of Tesforia, more commonly known as Tesforia, is a micronation located in New York State, east of New York City. The nation was founded on 13 April 2019, but did not become active in the community until late 2019. The purpose of the nation is to improve the lives of all who enter the nation.


Brennan Sullivan was watching YouTube videos when he stumbled upon a video about the Republic of Molossia. Sullivan was inspired and started searching for other micronations, thinking to create his own micronation with a friend. He talked with his friend and they decided on a name, that being the Peoples Republic of Brenuindia. Eventually, President Sullivan and his friend had a fight and partitioned the nation. However, Sullivan wasn't done with micronationalism yet. He claimed a small area in his backyard and started a new nation, the Republic of Patchogue. This name was later changed to the Republic of Islandia and then to its current form, the Peoples Republic of Tesforia.

On 31 March 2020, the nation was admitted to the Cupertino Alliance.[1]

On 25 April 2020, Pathogue was reformed into Tesforia

Politics and government

Tesforia is a Republic. The President or a congressperson can order a vote any time they wish. Furthermore, 5 or more citizens can request a vote to be held. If it passes, then the Congress and later the President will have the opportunity to veto said law. Any citizen can vote regardless of age, gender, Religion, or sexual oreintation.

Political parties

Currently, there are 4 only one political party in Tesforia. Citizens are free to create their own political party with the approval of The President or a Cabinet member.

Party Name Party Leader Political Position
Tree Party Brennan Sullivan Far Left


Tesforia's military consists of three branches. The first branch is The People's Grand Army which takes care of operations on land. The second branch is The Grand Aquatic Defense Force (Navy) which takes care of operations in Canaan Lake and the Patchogue River. The Naval Infantry is the Third branch. The Naval Infantry is often considered the most elite of all the branches. They often participate in landings on beaches and other operations similar to this.

Geography and climate

Tesforia is located on the Atlantic Coastal Plain and tends to have warmer winters and cooler summers, unlike more inland locations. The nation is located in a forest region with the Northern Province being completely covered in forest. Refer to the climate graph below for information regarding temperatures and rainfall amounts.

A climate graph for Tesforia.


Tesforia has a mostly stagnant attitude throughout with the highest altitude being about 56 feet (17 meters). Some areas in Southern Tesforia are often referred to as the Patchogue Highlands. There are multiple small hills within the nation; the largest being Lakeview Hill.


Tesforia has multiple waterways with the largest being Cannan Lake. Though, the lake has been drained an invasive plant species in the water that worsened the water quality, but, it is being cleaned and is planned to be refilled by the summer of 2020[2]. The lake was formerly fed by the Patchogue River which runs through the Province of New Ireland


Tesforia is divided into four provinces. Each province has a Parliament Representative. Representatives can appoint a province manager who takes care of matters within the province. A map of the provinces is shown below.