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The People's Republic of Michigan
A Red banner with the emblem in the centre.
Yankee, go home.
Hail to the Victors.
The state had no jurisdiction. Their only occupation was one park in Ann Arbor.
Capital Ann Arbor
Demonym Wolverine
Government Unitary semi-direct soviet democracy under a one-party socialist republic
 •  2020 Tora Itachi
Legislature National Workers' Assembly
 •  Founding of P. R. Michigan 27 April 2020
 •  Federation Declared 12 September 2020
Currency U.S. Dollar
Succeeded by
Union of North American Socialist Republics

The People's Republic of Michigan, generally referred to as Michigan, was a self proclaimed 'revolutionary' state that claimed the entire state of Michigan. The map of claimed territory divides the state into 15 prefectures. However, they held no jurisdiction, but they have "occupied" a local park in Ann Arbor, Olson Park.

Michigan was a one-party state whose ruling party was the Wolverine Vanguard Party. Unlike most one-party leftist states, or other Marxist-Leninist states, the Vanguard Party comprised of people with a wide range of leftist ideologies. Because of this, the party promoted 'leftist unity,' and commits to the principle of democratic centralism.


The micronation is named after the U.S. state of Michigan, which stems from the Ojibwe word "mishigami," meaning "large lake."


Tora Itachi and Joseph King met on the Minecraft server Geographica, a geopolitical Minecraft server. They were talking about the history of a faction by the name of Soviet Michigan when King explained how he wanted Michigan to secede from the union. Itachi was at first, skeptical of the idea, but he decided to join in. Eventually, the formed a movement to secede from the Union, which went through several names, but was dissolved since it never got anywhere. Itachi then got the idea to create a socialist microstate. They together founded the People's Republic, and would cooperatively share the role of executive leadership. Itachi eventually got his friend Julius Caesar to join in.

On 4 July, Premier Itachi and General Secretary Caesar have organised a local protest in Ann Arbor. Itachi discovered there'd be a nationwide march to replace Biden as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. He and Caesar decided they'd make a 'final ultimatum:' "Replace Biden as the Democratic Presidential Nominee or we WILL establish the People's Republic of Michigan." A Facebook Event was created for the event, and the event was shared on the state's Twitter page. However, no one ended up participating in this protest, and it ended up not happening. To hid knowledge, it doesn't look like any 'March for Biden' protests happened at all.

Tora decided the next day he would "occupy" Olson Park, which is a local park in Ann Arbor. He says he still has yet to get people to administrate the occupied park.

On 21 August, Itachi met some other micronational leader who lead micronations in Michigan. He wanted to have them merge with him to expand the amount of members. This came about when obvious border disputes were brought up. He then talked to Cole B., Prime Minister of Wegmat, as his territory of New Finland overlaps Michigan's territory. At the same time, he spoke with Jonas Rhymer, the Prime Minister of the Huronese Republic, whose territory claims the thumb of Michigan, overlapping the prefectures of Huron and Detroit, including most of the capital district. Cole denied the merge, as he wants his sovereignty, but has offered in alliance, which he declined. Itachi also gave up talking with Rhymer, as judging by their conversation, has decided they wouldn't want to merge. Itachi has decided that while the border disputes are annoying, that he won't bother resolving them, as the prime ministers he has spoken to physically cannot do anything about it.

A federation was proposed on 4 September. Tora stated that politcal independence from the US is impossible, and that the United States must have a national liberation. 8 days later, 3/5 of the Commissariat agreed to establish the new federation.

Politics and government

Tora Itachi, Premier and Founder of Michigan.

The constitution was never finished. Despite that, the government already took form. The state was led by the Leader's Council, in which leadership was divided by three people, being the Premier, Deputy Premier, and the General Secretary, whose term lengths were six, five and four years respectively. Tora and King agreed that their terms wouldn't begin until the state's Independence. Itachi created the National Worker's Assembly, made up of Workers' Assemblies up different industries, made up of delegates of different industries. As of 21 August, he has appointed three citizens as Commissars, who are leaders of different Workers' Assemblies. The Commissars together form the Commissariat, the governing body of the executive.

The Wolverine Vanguard Party was ruling and only political party of the state. It was required for one to be a member of the political party in order to be a member of a Workers' Council of be a member of the Government.

Most of the Constitution of Michigan for the draft of the UNASR Constitution.

Law and order


Foreign relations

The has been allied with the Socialist Republic of Ozark, Griffasus, and was seeking an alliance with the Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic, and sought alliances for other socialist states, primarily in North America for a continental socialist alliance. They were formally allied with the Almendrian Communist Union, but then a few days later, Tora terminated their alliance due to their alliance with several fascist groups, in addition to several raids committed by the state. Tora visited the Empire of Geurin, in which he was banned from the server for wanting to leave.


The state's armed forces was the Wolverine Liberation Army, whose commander-in-chief was the Premier. However, they do not yet comprise of any members.

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