People's Republic of Foggzania

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The People's Republic of Foggzania, and its other Dimensional Dependencies

Dif-tor heh smusma
Largely operation within the fourth dimension, although additional land TBC
Capital cityGrathantia (TBC)
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Free Religion
Short nameFoggzania
GovernmentSingle Party State
- The Great FoggJoshua H. Fogg
Established13:38 19 December 2011
Area claimedInfinite
National dishRoast Chicken

Government website

The People's Republic of Foggzania, and its other Dimensional Dependencies is a micronation founded at 13:38 on the 19th of December 2011, when the supreme ruler The Great Fogg posted on his Facebook enquiring as to whether any of his friends would be interested in forming a Micronation. Many agreed, and after much heated discussion it was formed. The original citizens of the state are working extremely hard to create the things essential for a micronation's success, such as a flag, an anthem, land and an army.


The name of the Micronation was greatly debated and was a subject of great conflict between the citizens. Pretty early on the "other Dimensional Dependencies" part was agreed upon, as was the "People's Republic" (when in a brave move two citizens went up against the opinions of The great Fogg who thought that an Empire would be better). Several other names such as Foggswana and Foggtasia were suggested, before Foggzania was decided upon through general election.



Government and politics

The final fate of the Micronation is decided upon entirely by the supreme ruler, The Great Fogg. However, in a majestic move of compassion he has given roles within the government to citizens. Several are working on creating of national symbols, some are working on forming a constitution, and others are even working on the planning of the city. Updates on the specific titles given to these citizens are yet to be confirmed.

Titled Roles within the Foggzanian Goverment

Position Name
The Great Fogg Joshua H. Fogg
Defence Minister Comrade Strawbridge
Minister for Justice Comrade Mole
Minister of Media and Propaganda Comrade Fox
The Science Guy Comrade Kalsi
Minister of Foreign Affairs Comrade Freiherr Von Toman Grief
Minister of American Affairs Comrade Fowler
Minister of Education Comrade Egan
Вечный маршала Джентльмен Великой Чемберлены домашнего хозяйства, губернатор меч государства, наместника Великого список и министр коров.

(Eternal Gentleman Marshal of the Great Chamberlains of the Household, Governor of the Sword of State, Steward of the Grand List and Minister for Cows.)

Comrade Myers
Mayor of Grathantia Comrade Marriott
People's Militia Chief Comrade Davies
Chairman of the Committee for Internal Security and Communication Comrade Peake
Governor of the Bank of Foggzania Comrade Sangar

Law and order

No official law is yet to be established, and as of present each criminal case is viewed by The Great Fogg himself.

Foreign relations

The People's Republic of Foggzania is yet to make any contact with other Micronations (or Nations for that matter), although the head of state has every intent on establishing communications in future. In fact, communication via Skype is expected to begin within the next few days after a letter proposing diplomatic relations was received on the 23rd, just four days after the nation's establishment.

A foreign affairs minister has been decided upon, when a Comrade Toman Grief "bagsied" the role. He has stated that the aim of Foggzania's foreign policy in the immediate future will be the establishment of relations with supernational bodies such as the Roman Catholic Church, the World Health Organisation and the Socialist Internationale as opposed to specific nation states.


No specific decisions have been made as of yet, although leaders of factions have been assigned in case of emergency. An unofficial procedure has also been created in the event that a citizen should decided to form a break away Micronation (which under Foggzanian law will be a crime of the up most dishonour).

Geography and climate

As the four dimensional regions of the Micronation cannot be correctly observed, the geography and climate are currently unknown. However, the temporary physical capital is located in the UK, and so the climate is generally wet.


Currently no break away economical ventures have been made, and so the economic state of Foggzania is the same as that of the temporary capital (which is a state of recession). However, The Great Fogg has made it known that he wishes to develop some sort of currency system in the near future, a brief accepted by the newly appointed Governor of the Bank of Foggzania.


The people of The People's Republic of Foggzania, and its other Dimensional Dependencies generally indulge in nerd culture, including TV shows such as Doctor Who (as featured on the national flag), Black Adder, and Big Bang Theory, Films such as StarWars and Startreck, and Video games such as Minecraft (as featured on the national flag) and the Portal series. Some of the members are also citizens of another micronation, Nerdfighteria, ruled by brothers John and Hank Green. Dual citizens include, but are not limited to, The Great Fogg himself.

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The nation is primarily ruled through a Facebook group which anyone can join. Upon joining the group, a person is automatically signed as a citizen of the state, and is also agreeing to the responsibilities that this entails. Government website

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