People's Republic of Elmshorn

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People's Republic of Elmshorn

Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch! (German: Proletarians of the world, unite!)
Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Elmshorn Kölln-Werke.jpeg
Elmshorn, PRE
Capital cityElmshorn
Largest cityElmshorn
Official language(s)German
Official religion(s)Secular state
Short nameElmshornia
GovernmentUnitary socialist republic
- ChancellorClassified
- PresidentJaroslav Shchigunov
Area claimed21,37km²
Population3 (as of 2019 census)
Time zoneCET/CEST
National sportNot doing anything

Government website (Mostly German)

The People's Republic of Elmshorn, more commonly known as Elmshornia or Elmshornien, is a micronation in Germany. The incumbent President is Jaroslav Shchigunov. It is currently made up of a single Federal City (Bundesstadt), the current capital of Elmshorn. On 05/08/2019, the flag was changed to a red-red bicolor.


There are multiple theories about the etymology of the name Elmshorn. A theory backed by the government is that the name derives from hern or hjarn (Frisian: corner) and elve, likely a word for the Elbe River, which runs close by Elmshorn.


Elmshornia was founded on the 10th of June, 2019. There have been no major events since then.

Politics and government

The government is controlled by a President and Chancellor. It has four ministries or Ämter (offices): the Verteidigungsamt (Defense Office) which controls the military, Sicherheitsamt (Security Office) which is responsible for both security and safety of the Elmshornian people, Presseamt (Press Office) which is responsible for providing news to the world and the Finanzamt (Treasury) which is responsible for keeping track of government property.

Law and order

Policing is controlled by the Sicherheitsamt, which currently has 0 employees. The judicial system is the responsibility of the Hoher Arbeiterrat, whose members are chosen by the President.

Foreign relations

Elmshornia currently has no foreign relations.


The Elmshorner Nationale Volksarmee (Elmshornian National People's Army) has no soldiers as of now.

Geography and climate

Elmshorn contains two rivers, the Krückau and the Offenau, as well as a forest, the Liether Wald.


The main industry of Elmshorn is the food industry with the cereal company Peter Kölln.

Culture and media

A traditional dish in Elmshorn are the so-called Graue Erbsen, a stew of marrowfat peas softened in water and boiled for multiple hours. The main news outlets of the PRE are its YouTube channel and the Presseamt news agency.

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