People's Republic of Arsalania

The People's Republic of Arsalania, also referred colloquially as Arsalania is a sovereign state[a], called a micronation by external observers. It was founded on 11 May 2019. It is a member of ASAM and the NMI.

People's Republic of Arsalania
Flag of Arsalania.svg
Motto: Tolerance, Unity, Solidarity/
Glory to Arsalania!
"Tolerance, Unity, Solidarity"
Anthem: Warszawianka
(The Song of the People)
CapitalArsal City
Official languagesEnglish, Urdu, Punjabi
GovernmentOne Party Federal Parliamentary People's Republic
• Supreme Leader
Arsal Abbas Mirza
LegislatureNational Parliament
• Establishment
11 May 2019
• 2021 census
CurrencyArsalanian Arollar
Drives on theleft





Governance and Military


Arsalania shares it's climate with that of it's Urban surroundings of the metropolitan city of Lahore. Arsalania has four seasons, with both Winters and Summers having extreme temperatures. During the summers the temperature can peak up to 45+ Degrees Celsius and the lowest in the winters being around 5-10 degrees Celsius. Due to Arsalania's dependence for power supply on it's associated macronation, Pakistan, the climactic situation can prove to be quite hampering in the activities of the Arsalanian people, as power outages leave the populace without cooling (or in the case of winters, heating) measures.

Arsalania being situated in the Punjab, receives a large amount of rainfall each year during the Monsoon season (Rarely June, normally in July) which provide much relief from the excessive heat of the summer.

The Spring season, starting after the end of the Winter normally around March, is considered to be the most fruitful month of the year, with much of Arsalanian plant life growing greatly. Much Plantation work including vegetables and flowers are done typically during this period, thus the spring can be considered to be most beneficial for Arsalanian Agriculture and it's environment.

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The People's Republic of Arsalania.

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  1. Arsalania is considered a de facto part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.