People's Republic of Adonia

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People’s Republic of Adonia
ISSR Flag.jpgAFSR new coa.png

E Pluribus Unum
Patriotic Song of Adonia
Mokena, Illinois
Capital cityLonghorn
Largest cityKolkata
Official language(s)English, Russian, German and Adonian
Recognised languagesAll Languages
Official religion(s)All Religions are allowed
Short namePRA
- PremierAndrew
- Vice-PremierVacant
Established7 July 2020
Area claimedPremiers house, A few friends houses
CurrencyAdonian Kolkata
Time zone(CST/CT)
National dishFish (Particularly Salmon)
National drinkPepsi
National animalBald Eagle


The People’s Republic of Adonia or The PRA is a micronation Based in Mokena, Illinois and was founded on 7/7/ 2020. It is a very new micronation adopting to the old Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic and it's old ideal of Sovetism. The PRA was started by Andrew Franson. We are based off Germany and Russia by adopting German Culture and an (Originally) Soviet-Style Government until the change to Sovetism on 8/7/20 then went back to a communist style government a week later. We have continued to thrive and will remain forever strong!

Politics and government

The Adonian Government currently is a Communist Government. We believe we will lead it to further glory and peace for all!

Law and order

We are currently drafting new laws as you read this! This section will be updated soon!

Foreign relations

We at the PRA stand on the ideal that we should treat all nicely! No matter the way we are treated. The PRA have many relations with other micronations. A couple of them are Vancouver Island Soviet Socialist Republic and The Sohnland.


Law in the PRA states that Micronational War is banned. However, We do have a military with no members that is DISPLAY ONLY.

Geography and climate

Temperatures are average related to the seasons. Winter is around 30 Degrees Fahrenheit (-1 Celsius) Spring is around 40-60 Degrees Fahrenheit (4-15 Degrees Celsius) Summer is around 70-90 Degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 Degrees Celsius) and Fall is 50-40 Degrees Fahrenheit (10-4 Degrees Celsius)

Culture and media

There is currently none!