People's Democratic Front (Burkland)

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This article is about the People's Democratic Front in Burkland, for the Erusian party see People's Democratic Front (Erusia)

People's Democratic Front
ChairmanMatthew Burklandssen
FoundedMay 2012
HeadquartersBundeshauptstadt, Burkland
NewspaperThe Online Burklandi
Burklandi autonomy
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
National affiliationWorkers' Bloc
Official colorsRed, light blue
Seats in Congress
9 / 12

The People's Democratic Front is an electoral alliance of Burklandi socialist parties, dominated by the Communist Party. The front had the majority of seats in the Congress. Many members were also leaders of other states. It was dissolved, along with the Communist Party, on January 21, 2019.


  • Communist Party
  • Social Democratic Party
  • Various independents