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People's Alliance (shortly PA, in Slovak Ľudová aliancia, in Baranese Človekovská alyantzjia) is a liberal political party in Baránok established on 13 July 2020 by the incumbent President A.H.[1] It is the direct sucessor of the former party of the same name.

People's Alliance
Ľudová aliancia
FoundedNovember 2019, re-established 13 July 2020
HeadquartersGyögiszertár, Baránok
Membership  (2020)1
Political positionpolitical middle
Official colors     green
Seats in Federal Assembly
0 / 7
Self-governing republics
0 / 4
0 / 2
Regional legislatures
0 / 2


  1. Kvajda, Imrich. "People's Alliance re-established". Baranese Telegraph. Retrieved 13 July 2020.