Patriotic Front

Patriotic Front (gr.:Πατριωτικο Μετωπο/ΠΑ.ΜΕ.),is a St Christophorian political party.



The party was founded at the early 2017,by Thrasivoulos Metaxas-Papadopoulos,brother of Periandros Metaxas-Papadopoulos,leader of the former National Socialist Party of Saint Christopher.At first,President John Triantafyllos was suspicious,and didn't want to let a party,leaded by the brother of the former dictator.But,after thinking and public pressure,accepted the party at the National Parliament of Saint Christopher.



+Conservatism +Conservative Adolescentism +Utopian Tottalitarianism



Until now, the only leader of the party is Thrasivoulos Metaxas=Papadopoulos



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