Party of National Reinvigoration (Vryland)

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Party of National Reinvigoration
Party van Nasionale Herontwikkeling
ChairmanWilliam Tubek
Slogan"Truly above all!"
Founded2 April 2019
Membership  (2019)4
Political positionRight
Official coloursBlue and Orange
Seats in the House of Commons
2 / 10
Seats in the House of Lords
0 / 3
Party flag
Pnr logo.png

The Party of National Reinvigoration (Afrikaans: Party van Nasionale Herontwikkeling) is a small far right political party in Vryland.

Electoral Performance

The Party of National Reinvigoration's performance in past elections to the national legislature of Vryland, the Parliament.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
May 2019 2 8.6%
1 / 16
1 in opposition
June 2019 3 21.4%
2 / 10
1 in opposition