Parliament of the Islamic Emirate of Acre

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Political groups
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The Parliament of the Islamic Emirate of Acre, more commonly referred to as the Akkan Parliament is the legislative body of the Akkan government. It is unicameral, with just one chamber of the same name. Members are elected using a party-list ballot in nationwide elections, with each member allocated a constituency proportional to an area's degree of support for their party. Thirty-seven members currently sit in Parliament, all of whom are elected.

Parliament is responsible for enacting and repealing laws. The Shura Council is able to declare a law unconstitutional, though the legislature enjoys parliamentary supremacy, allowing them to nullify the Council's decision through a second vote. By convention, bills are expected to receive the Emir's assent prior to their passing, though this is not legally required.

The Parliament is currently in its second sitting; the Conservative Party, Labor Zionist Party and the Movement for the Homeland form a minority government, with eighteen seats out of a total of thirty-seven.