Parliament of Vilthia

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Parliament of Vilthia
Legislature III
HousesCouncil of the Nobles
Chamber of the Representatives
Sovereign of the Decracy of VilthiaTitianus II
High Representative of the ChamberAnna Colli, Indipendenza!
since July 2017
Chamber of the Representatives political groups
Council of the Nobles voting systemMembers designated by the Sovereign; feudal system
Chamber of the Representatives Voting systemProportional majoritarian
Council of the Nobles last election-
Chamber of the Representatives last electionVilthian Feudal Elections, 2017

The Parliament of Vilthia, officially the Parliament of the State of the Decracy of Vilthia is an institution of Vilthia, established by the Sovereign Titianus II with the Royal Decree of the July 07, 2013.

Council of the Nobles

The Council of the Nobles is composed of 5 members, the Lords of the 5 territories composing the nation. It is up to this council to propose and vote on laws. If the council approves the project, the law is sent to the Chamber of Representatives for another vote. If the chamber approves the law comes into force (after being promulgated by the Sovereign).

Chamber of the Representatives

The Chamber of the Representatives votes the laws that have been approved by the Council of the Nobles. Is composed of:

  • 10 representatives (2 for each territory of Vilthia) appointed by local Councils among their majority members;
  • 5 representatives of the minority (1 for each territory, nominated by the minority groups).

The members of the Chamber can submit law proposal, that before being voted at the Chamber, must be approved at the Council of Nobles.

The mandate lasts until the expiry of their appointment in the provincial or feudal councils.