Parliament of Güldağ

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Federal Parliament of Güldağ
The First legislature
Emblem of Guldag.png
Prime MinisterDeniz Akgül, United Güldağ
since August 2013
Members9 Members of Parliament
Parliament political groupsGovernment
  •      UG (5)


  •      CPG (4)
  •      LGP (0)
Parliament voting systemParty-list proportional representation
Parliament last electionAugust 12th, 2013

The Federal Parliament of Güldağ (Dutch: Federaal Parlement van Güldağ, Turkish: Güldağ Federatif Meclis) is the legislative assembly of Güldağ, it consist of 3 representative's of each federation, the governor of each federation which has a non-voting seat and the Prime Minister.

It is a Unicameral legislature, elected every two years.

Current composition

Party Name Logo Members Leader Foundation Date Position Colours Seats
United Güldağ UG.png 5 Deniz Akgül August 2013 right-wing Blue
5 / 9
Communist party CPG.png 1 Jacob Lewis August 2013 left-wing Crimson
4 / 9