Parliament of Essexia

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Imperial Parliament of the Commonwealth of Essexia
3rd Parliament
Royal Senate Logo.png
FoundedJuly 1, 2018 (2018-07-01)
Emperor Terry
since 26 December 2017
First Minister
Lord JacobOld Guard
since 30 July 2019
Leader of the Opposition
Lord Jamie, Royalist
since 30 July 2019
Seats11 MPs
Parliament of Essexia political groups
Commonwealth Government (5):
  Old Guard: 5 seats
Official Opposition (3):
  Royalist: 3 seats
Other Opposition (3):
  LSC: 2 seats
  Weeaboo Rights: 1 seats
Parliament of Essexia voting system
Proportional Representation
Parliament of Essexia last election
1st July 2019
Parliament of Essexia next election
July 2020
Meeting place
De Jure: Hawarden, De Facto: Discord

The Essexian Parliament was created by Emperor Terry I of Essexia, based upon the Federal Senate of the revolutionaries of the Essexian Coup of September 16, based upon the Parliament of the Queendom of Essexia. Most seats in the Parliament have chosen a Political Party. The Parliament has the power to approve or veto bills made by other Lords, and is made up of representatives (or Lords) from constituencies in Essexia, who are elected by the constituents in irregular elections. There are currently 11 MPs in the Parliament.


The Essexian Parliament was created by Emperor Terry to try and represent the people whilst making life easier for the monarch as they don't have to micromanage everything, but can if the monarch wishes to.

The September 16 revolution saw most of the Parliament form the democratic Federation of Essexia, led by the National Conservative Party of Essexia. However, the Treaty of Chelmsford on September 19 put the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party in charge of the new Commonwealth of Essexia.

The 31 December 2018 saw the Parliament vote to restore an Absolute Monarchy, as had been the case during the Queendom of Essexia, thus establishing the Second Essexian Reich. However, at some point in early 2019, the Monarchy became Constitutional again.

After Earl Finn left the First Minister posistion on the 1st of January 2019, and Lord Chris joined the NatCons on the 8th, the LibSocs were thought to be disbanded. On the 8th of January 2019, Lord Chris stepped down as First Minister, leading to a subsequent Election. Earl Finn won as he had the backing of the Royalist Party, and Lord Jack decided to reform the NatCons in the Communist Party of Essexia (CPE). However, the Parliament thus decided to ban Communism, leading to the NatCons/CPE to reform once again into the Essexian Union of Fascists (EUF). On the 2nd of March 2019, Lord Finn admitted that the LibSocs were never officially dissolved and that he never left the party, and therefore controlled one seat.

During the 3rd of March Reforms, the Emperor's vote in the Parliament was removed, while he retained his right to veto proposals. The Royalist party also gained the ability to hold the position of First Minister.

On the 26 May 2019, then First Minister, Earl Finn, attempted to pass the Hawarden Reforms, an attempted plan to expand Essexian democracy, by placing into Essexian law that everyone over the age 14, who lived in the English county of Essex, could vote in Essexian elections and to create an abstract form of lower house for Essexia. The vote was rejected 5 against and 1 for. With the NatCons voting against it claiming that there would not be an election so it was not necessary, and the Royalists agreeing in principle but believing the timing was wrong.

The 27 May 2019 at 00:00 am saw the first non-Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Prime/First Minister, when Lord Jamie of Royalist Party replaced Earl Finn.

On the 3rd June 2019, the NatCons rebranded to become the Commonwealth Party of Essexia, retaining all of its previous beliefs but adding a focus on Expansion and the Emperor's Power.

Presently, no party has a majority, thus Parliament is hung. This is due to the aftermath of the declaration of martial law, where the Emperor hand picked the members of Parliament.

First Ministers of Essexia

The parties are as follows:       Liberal Socialist Party,       Royalist,       Old Guard.

Portrait Term in Office First Minister Party Government
ESX wiki Earl.JPG 19 April 2018
1 January 2019
257 days
Earl Finn* Liberal Socialist Hawarden Ministry
ChrisESX.jpg 1 January 2019
12 February 2019
42 days
Lord Chris Liberal Socialist Essexian Political Commonwealth I
ESX wiki Earl.JPG 12 February 2019
27 May 2019
104 days
Earl Finn Liberal Socialist Essexian Political Commonwealth II
JamieESX.jpg 27 May 2019
21 July 2019
57 days
Lord Jamie Royalist Mullings Ministry
Government suspended due to martial law
Essexia Jacob.png 30 July 2019
Lord Jacob Old Guard Jacob Ministry

*For Earl Finn's first term the role was known as Prime Minister and the senate had greater power as it was prior to the Monarchical Powers Act 2018.

Diagrams and Logos

Old Guard (Grey, 5 seats), Royalists (Pink, 3 Seats), LSC (Red, 2 Seats), Weeaboo Rights (Yellow, 1 seat).
Emperor has no seat but acts as speaker of the house
Imperial Parliament Logo
Federal Senate Logo