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== Seats ==
== Appointed Speakers ==  
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!Appointed Speakers
! colspan="2" |Party
| [[Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia]]
| bgcolor="#4980ba" |
| [[Lega Lediliana | LLE]]
| [[Duke of New Gandolfo]]
| [[John Wolf]]
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| [[Partito Democratico Lediliano | PDL]]
| [[Governator of Orchveich Vodor]]

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Parliament of the Principality of Ledilia
1st Parlamentsgebäude
Term limits
6 Months
FoundedJune 12, 2019 (2019-06-12)
Speaker of the House of Commons
Deputy Speaker of the Commons
Tom HanksLega Lediliana
since 12 March 2019
Attorney of the House of Commons
Rocco J. MartePartito Democratico Lediliano
since Office Estabilished
Speaker of the House of Leeds
Deputy Speaker of the House of Leeds
Davide II° RomanovCostrutione
since 12 March 2019
Attorney of the House of Leeds
Seats15 Seats
Political groups
HH Government (14):
Party List
Last election
Ledilian Parliamentar Election
Next election
September 2019
"We think the country's fate."
Meeting place
Discord, New Gandolfo (irl)

Parlamentsgebäude in German, In Italian "Unione delle case parlamentari", it's the bicameral parliament of the Principality of Ledilia, the parliament takes decision for the mainland and the administrative regions even if the Administrative Regions have their own small council.

The current Parlamentsgebäude it's just at the first since its foundation the 12 March 2019 but reformed multiple times and saw different leaders of the houses going and leaving, The Parlamentsgebäude was known as the "Ledilian Parliament" but the 20 June 2019 changed its name in German to share the actual culture Ledilia has, the Parlamentsgebäude has the right to approve or deny laws and every action made by the Prince, however the Parlamentsgebäude has no rights to do what the prince does, sometimes the Prince acts alone but generally it's rare.

Power and Authority

The Parlamentsgebäude has the legislative power and the executive one, the Parlamentsgebäude has the rights and diricts to do laws and keep the power of the Prince as low as possible to avoid Absolutism.


Parliamentar elections were held on the 12 March 2019, the elections are made every 6 Months, the Monarch will decide if to posticipated them or to antecipate them. The votations are held during the day, the system of votation it's a cast vote one and not party vote one, so you will cast your vote and the percentuals will change, who will be representing that party will go at the spot.

Party Leader Founded Position Seats
  Ledilian National Conservative Party LCP / LNCP John O' Connor 6 March 2019 Centre-right,Conservatism
5 / 15
  Lega Lediliana LLE Manfredi Idger 6 March 2019 Right, Liberalism
3 / 15
  Partito Democratico Lediliano PDL Checco Ledilinski 10 March 2019 Centre-left, Socialism
4 / 15
  Costrutione COS Davide II° Romanov 14 April 2018 Centre, Pacifism
2 / 15

Appointed Speakers

Appointed Speakers Party State
Davide Ledilinski di Ledilia LLE Duke of New Gandolfo
John Wolf PDL Governator of Orchveich Vodor