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Kingdom of Pangration
Βασίλειο του Παγκρατίου

Flag of Pangration.png
Coat of Arms

Capital cityEfranorus
Official language(s)Greek
- King of PangrationKing Alexian I
Established5 May 2020
Area claimedPangrati
CurrencyEuro (€) de facto
Time zoneGMT +2

Official Twitter

The Kingdom of Pangration (Greek: Βασίλειο του Παγκρατίου), formerly the Despotate of Pangration (Greek: Δεσποτάτο του Παγκρατίου), and commonly known as Pangrati (Greek: Παγκράτι) is a micronation based on the neighborhood of the same name in Central Athens, Greece.

It was founded on May the 5th 2020, and became a sovereign state on September the 1st 2020.


Pangration is currently allied with the following nations :

As of January 2021, the alliance of Pangration with Rhomania and Graecia form the Based Commonwealth.