Paloman People's Army Navy

The Paloman People's Army Navy (Spanish: Armada del Ejército Popular de Paloman), also known as the PPRN, is the naval warfare branch of the Paloman People's Army, the armed wing of the Free Socialist State of Paloma and, by default, the national armed forces of Paloma. The Paloman People's Army Navy is composed of two branches; the Coastal Defense Force and the Marine Corps. With a personnel strength of one personnel. Its current Fleet Admiral is Jacob Caravaggio and is located at Puerto O'Brien.

Paloman People's Army Navy
Armada del Ejército Popular de Paloman
Emblem of the Paloman People's Army Navy.svg
Emblem of the Paloman People's Army Navy
Country Paloma
AllegianceCommunist Party of Paloma
RoleNaval warfare
Part ofRoundel of Paloma.svg Paloman People's Army
HeadquartersPaloma City
Motto(s)Serve the People
CommanderAdmiral Jacob Caravaggio
Flag and ensignNavy Flag of the Paloman People's Army.svg.svg
JackFlag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg
BadgePPA Navy Emblem.svg


Costal Defense Force

The Coastal Defense Force is a land-based branch of the PPRN in charge of coastal defense, with a strength of one personnel. Also known as the coastal defense troops, they serve to defend Paloma's coastal areas.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps consists of zero marines, the Marine Corps are considered elite troops of the PPRN.


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Admiral Standing admiral Vice admiral Rear admiral Commodore Captain Commander Lieutenant commander First lieutenant Lieutenant Sub-lieutenant Cadet