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Coat of arms
Motto: Virtus Unita Fortior (Latin: Strength united is stronger)
and largest city
Tan Bryaryl
Recognised national languagesPalmalian, English
Ethnic groups (2021)
By ethnicity:
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Amir I
House of Lords
House of Commons
• 2021 census
CurrencyPalmalian Dollar
Time zone(PMST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft[b]
Calling code+79

Hellerk, (prounounced Hell-erk) is a micronation that was established on 26 June 2021, by King Amir I. The micronation is located in the Starbuck island. Palmal is a Constitutional Monarchy. The national animal of Hellerk is the Deer.


  • National flag.

Blue - Trust. Yellow - Hope. Red - Power. Green - Freshness, start a new happy life in Hellerk. Star - Made up of one island, considering most island nations have 2 or more islands.


Hellerk was made by Amir, also known as King Amir I. Hellerk was created when King Amir I stumbled across an island that was inhabited, it had no use so King Amir I made it Independent. The Flag and COA were all made by King Amir I. Hellerk is looking forward to opening a military soon in 2030-2035, with an Army and a Navy. Hellerk had its first diplomatic relations with another micronation, Belcity, Belcity had made Hellerk a better place. Hellerk's first ally was Belcity.


Hellerk is well known for its hair styles, art style, clothing style, building style, distinctive language, and cuisine. The Hellerkese people do not style their hair. Hellerkese art is simplistic and highly stylised. They usually wear bright clothes. Their cities are expertly built. Their language sounds aggressive to non-speakers. Cooking is simply roasting single ingredients on an open flame. Their people are often stereotyped as being mild, judicious, and loud.



The unemployment rate is 100% 0% of the population lives in poverty. Literacy rate: 100% They have fair technological capabilities but restrict access to various worldwide communications networks. Hellerk has few natural resources, with the only ones of note being: (1) Grazing livestock, (2) Fertile farmland, and (3) Grain crops.


Total Military Personnel: 0 (0% of the total population). Active Military: 0 (0% of the total population). Maximum Military Manpower: 1 (0% of the total population). (This is the total amount of able bodied citizens who could take up arms if necessary.) Military service is not mandatory.

Downeast Conference of 529

Hellerk has played a part in the Downeast Conference of 529 helping all small and big nations. The nation leaders have discovered how to run your country and how to make your country more amusing. Hellerkl has learnt so much from the 59 list, including business for citizens to make and earn money.

Foreign relations

Hellerk has allied with another micronation, Belcity. Hellerk and Belcity will be discussing Trades and other important matters.


Belcity, Republic of Ardenia
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