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Pagan Unity Party

The Pagan Unity Party (PUP) (also known as the Pagans) was a Pagan and Wiccan rights movement in the Sonoran Confederation. It was formed as religious rights movement to protect and preserve the rights of and bring awareness to Pagans and Wiccans in the Shaoshanian community and evolved into a political party by the time of its incorporation into Sonoran politics. The party was banned during the Smithist regime but, unlike other banned parties, was allowed to exist as a political action committee, most likely due to Smith's religious affiliation. The party held its first and only party convention on November 26, 2018 with Julia Smith and Titus Smith being elected leaders. After ideological disagreements, the party split but both factions eventually dissolved, joining other larger political organizations, effectively dissolving the Pagan Unity Party altogether.

Pagan Unity Party
General SecretaryJulia Smith
Deputy General SecretaryTitus Smith
Slogan"May the Goddess Guide Us"
Founded9 February 2018 (revival)
11 November 2015 (Shaoshan)
4 December 2016 (Sonora)
Dissolved1 February 2019
Membership  (2018)7
IdeologyPagan Rights, Wiccan Rights, Green Politics
Political positionBig tent
Official coloursGreen


The party believed in a sense of economic liberalism and social issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, preservation of the environment. They believed that social justice and equality should be valued as much as the environment and worked to protect the rights of fellow members of their religious circle. The party was not aligned to any political spectrum, holding populism and big tent politics as the founding principle as to be welcoming to any and all Pagans with varying views and opinions.