Pagan Church of Caudonia

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Pagan Church of Caudonia
Paugan Kirk o Caudonie

Eaglais Phágánach na Caudonia

Founder An Prionsa Beannaithe
Founded July 2019
Disestablished March 2020
High Priest An Prionsa Beannaithe
Head Druid Vacant
Headquarters Salisbury
Territory All of Caudonia
Language English, Scots
Irish (certain religious texts)
Members 1

The Pagan Church of Caudonia (Scots: Paugan Kirk o Caudonie; Irish: Eaglais Phágánach na Caudonia) was the officially-established state church of Caudonia. The church followed Caudonian Paganism, a form of Neopaganism based on Celtic polytheism, which was practised solely in Caudonia.