Pacemian Reign

The Pacemian Reign, otherwise known as the Kaotic Reign or the Pacemian Legacy is a symbolic legacy of nations and other political entities stemming from the original Republic of Abies, all of which are generally started by Nick Kaos. The legacy was officially formed on the 10 September 2017 in order to keep the history and culture of Pacem, of which in its current state is the High Empire of Pacem, prevalent in the micronational community.


The legacy formed by Nick Kaos is generally due to government, economic, or cultural changes within his current nation. All incarnations are formed by Nicholas as of 10 September 2017, however there are certain hopes for that to change in order to spread Pacemian culture.

Flag Nation Phase Formation Collapse Notes
  Republic of Abies Pre-Pacem 7 June 2015 26 January 2016 The very first micronation Nicholas was a part of and had formed. A highly simulationist nation that is considered to be apart of Pre-Pacemian history, with a vastly different political and economic system.
N/A Galactic Empire of Pacem Imperial Pacem 26 January 2016 30 March 2016 Closer to the third and the second most famous incarnation of the Pacemian Reign than any other, this nation was slightly less simulationist than its predecessor, and more active within the MicroWiki community. It was highly based on Star Wars and the teachings of what is called Sith Imperialism, the empire claimed the entire planet of Neptune, parts of Pluto, and patches of land on Venus and the Moon.
  Empire of Pacem Imperial Pacem 30 March 2016 20 June 2017 The second most famous incarnation of the Pacemian Reign, this was the height of Pacem in the days of borderline simulationism and secessionism. The predecessor to a very successful micronational currency called the Imperial (Now called the Imperil) was made. This also marked the membership of the secessionist organization called the Kermadec Union, of which would support member states to achieve macronational independence. Also the currently longest lasting at around 9 months, it ended with the joining of the Federal Empire of Aarbaro.
  Federal Empire of Aarbaro Imperial Pacem 20 June 2017 January 2018 The most widely known and successful part of the Pacemian Reign, and merging with Artemis Langford's line of micronations, this nation took the former land of Pacem and turned it into a state. The flag retains similar properties that appeared on flags ever since the days of the Galactic Empire, of which includes dark colors for history and a red circle representing imperialism. However, this is the only nation of which Nick Kaos wasn't the first ruler of, but was instead the first Head of Government.
  High Empire of Pacem Celtic/Imperial Pacem 20 June 2017 July 2019 Created as a state under the other living Pacemian Reign nation, the Kingdom of Pacem marks the first royal based Pacemian nation. This nation also started the finalization of the Imperil, turning it from near worthless, to one of the most successful micronational currencies used digitally only. The kingdom also marks the rise of Celtic traditions in a Pacemian nation, such as a clan-based subdivision and legislative system. This incarnation also has the most citizens ever of a pure Pacemian nation, with a current count of 11. The nation later transitioned to an imperial state in 2018, and is the only surviving member of the Pacemian Reign.