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PTV On-Demand

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PTV On-Demand (or simply PTV) is an online television channel broadcast by the AMP in Pannonia. It is the successor of the less popular Pannonian TV channel PTV Pannonia, although - since the transformation was carried out for the purpose of changing style and provider - PTV On-Demand may be seen as the first television channel to be run by the republic and its broadcasting committee. The channel consists of pre-recorded videos and is not intended to broadcast live shows or its own programmes.

PTV Pannonia
PTV new.png
Launched 20 April 2012
Owned by AMP
Slogan Le monde dans vos meen'
Country Republic of Pannonia
Language English, French, Hungarian
Broadcast area Internationally
Website PTV On-Demand



Logo used by the former PTV Pannonia (April–December 2012)

This is a list of one-time and regular programmes available on PTV On-Demand, categorised by language.



  • Tuurnée Mondiale (French-language music show)


  • Vidéo+ (Short videos and documentaries)
  • PTV Weather Forecast [2]
  • Çinéma Pannoniqe (Films in French, English and Hungarian)


  • Various programmes run by minorities in Greek, Italian and Esperanto