PPAGF Anomalous Operations Unit

Paloman People's Army Ground Force Anomalous Operations Unit (Spanish: Unidad de Operaciones Anómalas de la Fuerza Terrestre del Ejército Popular Paloman), commonly known as the Anomalous Operations Unit or DOA is the an eltie special forces of the Paloman People's Army Ground Force tasked with handling unusual situations and incidents for the Paloman Government.

PPAGF Anomalous Operations Unit
FTEPP Unidad de Operaciones Anómalas
Country Paloma
BranchGround Force Flag of the Paloman People's Army.svg PPA Ground Force
TypeSpecial forces
RoleSpecial operations
Special reconnaissance
Direct action
Part ofRoundel of Paloma.svg Paloman People's Army
Garrison/HQPaloma City, Paloma
PatchPPAGF Anomalous Operations Unit patch.svg

The PPAGF Anomalous Operations Unit was formed in 2021, the first spetsnaz force in Paloma and its military, as being tasked to carry out unusual and high risk operations, not much is known publicly about the unit for security reasons. This has led speculation on what the purpose of the unit is for.