Orphanian Imperial Marines

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First Batallion

This is the largest batallion. It consists of several branches:

First Regiment

  • All infantry. These are the grunts. They are the ground troops used by the Orphanian Republic. It also consists of a sniper unit. Also known as Batallion 1-1.

  1. Squad One. Callsign: Alpha Squad. This is the main infantry squad. It consists of all infantry soldiers armed with various airsoft weapons.
  2. Squad Two. Callsign: Omega Squad. This is a sniper unit attached to the First Regiment. It is armed with an airsoft sniper rifle. Accompanying the sniper is his backup. This soldier's goal is to protect the sniper and to help find targets.

Second Regiment

  • These are the Imperial Engineers. They deal with anything the marines need built or destroyed. Also known as Batallion 1-2.

  1. Squad One. Callsign: Bravo Squad. This squad is in charge of construction and destruction of anything and everything that we will need built or destroyed. Along with construction and destruction tools and assets, this squad also opperates as an infantry unit, also equipped with various airsoft weapons. It operates much like its cousin, Alpha Squad.

Second Batallion

This batallion is smaller but still equally powerful.

First Regiment

  • All infantry. Many of them are tacticians and design strategies, but they are still the grunts. Also known as Batallion 2-1.

  1. Squad One. Callsign: Delta Squad. This is the main infantry squad of its regiment. It consists of all infantry soldiers armed with various airsoft weapons.

Ranking System

Emperor is in charge of all military agencies.

Commanders are in charge of their respected batallions.

DEFCON 4.png

Captains are in charge of their respected regiments.

Sergeants are in charge of their respected squads.

Corporals are experienced soldiers who have begun their climbs up the ranks.

Privates are the lowest ranks, but make up much of our military. They have yet to gain a higher rank.