Oroluk Atoll

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Duchy of Oroluk Atoll
La triste banc
—  Duchy of The Reĝlando de la Glaciaj Homoj  —
Nickname(s): Oroluk Atoll
[[File:Oroluk.jpg|250px|none|alt=|Oroluk Atoll]]Oroluk Atoll
Duchy Duchy of Oroluk Atoll
Country 4MwxRc8.png Reĝlando de la Glaciaj Homoj
Duke of Oroluk Atoll 4 August 2013
 - King Jakob La Unua
 - Duke of Oroluk Atoll
 - Total 0

The Duchy of Oroluk Atoll is a territory in the Pacific Ocean of the Reĝlando de la Glaciaj Homoj.


Oroluk Atoll stretches from the northwest to the southeast with a length of about 32 km (20 mi) and an average width of 20 km (12 mi). The lagoon's surface is roughly 420 km2 (162 sq mi).

All the beaches not on Oroluk Island are all Royal Beaches which are protected by royal decree.

Oroluk Lagoon has been deemed a Royal Lagoon, only royal ships are allowed in or out of the Lagoon .It's also a protected lagoon.


The Duchy of Oroluk Atoll has home rule within the Kingdom. Any federal laws that are passed in the kingdom apply to the Duchy but the Duchy can create its own laws governing the atolls. The Duchy can apply to veto any federal level law without needing other cantons to sign onto the motion. The Duchy just needs half of its population to sign a petition.

The Duke/Duchess of Oroluk Atoll sets up his/her own governing body within the Duchy.


When the King took over Oroluk Atoll he had a chateau built in the style of old Scotland.

Chateau de Oroluk

Barcaldine Castle pathway.jpg

Symbols of The Duchy

Coat of Arms

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