Order of the Rose (Zenrax)

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Sovereign Order of the Rose
Awarded by Thomas M.
Type Sovereign chivalric order
Awarded for At the sole discretion of the Master of the Order, and/or for significant services or contributions given to Zenrax or its affiliates
Status Currently awarded
Established Summer, 2003
First awarded c. 2003 (undocumented)
December 2014 (documented)
Last awarded January 2018
Recipients Six (as of 2019)
Maximum Annual Quota Commander: Promotion only

Knights: 1-2 per year

Next (higher) None (highest)
Next (lower) Order of the Hydra (currently defunct)

Founded c. 2003, the Order of the Rose has predated and outlasted all affiliated micronational entities it was originally associated with until its affiliation with the State of Zenrax in 2014. The Order was originally founded to recognize those it deems as paragons of strength or honor. To protect its existence during periods of political upheaval that were common at the time of its formation, Order was originally deemed to exist apart from those micronational entities it has been otherwise affiliated with in the past. Despite years-long periods of dormancy, the Order has never recognized its own dissolution, with there being no provisions for such an event should it ever occur. As of November 2019, the Order of the Rose is currently affiliated with the entity known as the [State of Zenrax], and has become a fixture in Zenrax's culture of honor. As a rule, the Head of State of Zenrax also serves as the Order's Master.

Current rules forbid awarding more than one or two posts per year in almost all circumstances (with retroactive invitations being strictly forbidden), thus maintaining exclusivity and preserving what prestige the Order can. Members are appointed for life; removal from the Order may only take place honorably through inactivity or request to the Master of the Order for divestment of membership.

Due to its small size, the order only has three ranks: Knight, Commander, and Master. Ranks and titles in the Order are given without regards to gender or gender orientation. Only one Master exists in the Order at any given time. General practice states that the ratio of Commanders to Knights in the Order should always be equal to or less than 1 to 3 where possible, with there always being at least one Commander. The current roster dates to 2012, before which no records exist.

Current members

Note: Members are only listed below with the primary titles and affiliations/nationalities they possessed at the time of award. For individuals with memberships in multiple organizations, the one(s) most relevant to the award at the time are given. Efforts are made to periodically track their current whereabouts, although it must also be noted that this page will be, at times, out of date with actual circumstances.

Year Awarded (Promoted) Name Current Rank Nation (Title) at Time of Award Current Nation (Title) as of April 2020
- Founder - Shiro Master none Flag of Zenrax.png Zenrax (Head of State)
2003-2013 Undocumented -- -- --
2014 David Knight Zenrax (co-founder, Lord) Zenrax (Lord)
2015 (2016) John Marshall Commander Siar Fordell Badge.png Siar Fordell (Thegn) Siar Fordell (Thegn)
2016 Cecil Knight Zenrax (co-founder) Unaffiliated
2017 Stephen Freayth Knight Abeldane Empire (Emperor) Abeldane Empire (MR)
2018 Suzuki Leōcor Knight Sunþrawegaz Flag.png Sunþrawegaz, (Creator & Caretaker) San Dover (Provisional Leader)
2019 Ned Gunderson Knight Zenrax (Chief Ambassador) Austenasia (Deputy Prime Minister)
2020 Ernst Smedberg Knight Horizontalscapeflag.png Aphelia (STL/Founder)

Zenrax (Senator)

Horizontalscapeflag.png Aphelia (STL/Founder)

Zenrax (Senator)