Order of the Imperial Star

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The Order of the Imperial Star is a Paravian Chivalric order. It was founded on 29 July 2015 by then Nedlandic president Ned Gunderson as the Order of the Star and Rose, which made him the head of the order. After his dissaperance however in November 2015 the leadership role of the order was up in the air until Emperor Patrick I of Paravia decided to take control of the order of December 25. In July 2015 the order was renamed the Order of the Imperial Star, as Gunderson re-established the Order of the Star and Rose

Order of the Imperial Star
Order of the Imperial Star Badge.png
Badge of the order
Awarded by Emperor of Paravia
TypeDynastic order
Established29 July 2015
CountryEmpire of Paravia
RibbonOrder of the Imperial Star Ribbon.png
MottoPer Ardua Ad Astra
(Through adversity to the stars)
Awarded forMeritous achievements to the Empire; foreign heads of state and government
SovereignPatrick I
GradesGrand Knight/Dame
Knight/Dame Commander
First induction29 July 2015
Last induction22 April 2020
Total inductees17
Next (higher)Order of the Two Eagles
Next (lower)None
Collar of the Order



Name Nation Date of Receiving
Patrick (I) Renwick   Paravia 25 December 2015

Grand Knights/Dames

Name Nation Date of Receiving
Radia I   Humanytaria 30 July 2015
Gabriel N. Pelger   Usian Republic 30 July 2015
Stephen (I) Freayth   Abelden 1 August 2015
Bailey McCahon   Covanellis 10 September 2015
Thomas (I) Merrell   Zenrax 27 December 2015
Mike Lewis   Lundenwic 27 December 2015
Mikael Bokmann   Grémmia 22 March 2017
Henry Clément   Esse 22 March 2017
Newton (I) von Uberquie   Abelden 22 April 2020

Knights/Dames Commander

Name Nation Date of Receiving
Thomas (I) Cassidy   Nolland 30 July 2015
Shady Morsi   United Islands 30 July 2015
Kit McCarthy   Mcarthia 25 December 2015
Oscar (I) von Goëtzën   Ruthenia 25 December 2015
Karl Friedrich   Lurk 30 July 2015
Horatio Eden   Democratic Union of British States 25 December 2015
James (I) Frisch   Beacon City 25 December 2015
Richard (I) Cunningham   Mercia 22 March 2017


No commanders

Former Recipients

Name Nation Original Title Date of Receiving Date of Reversion
Leon Williamson   Nolland Knight 30 July 2015 5 October 2015
James-Robert Knight   Vyktory Grand Knight 30 July 2015 15 October 2015
Markus   New Israel Commander 10 September 2015 20 November 2015
Mason Ansari   Victoria Grand Knight 29 July 2015 22 November 2015
Billy Neil   Erephisia Knight 30 July 2015 22 November 2015
Fionnbarra Ó Cathail   Leylandiistan and Gurvata Knight 30 July 2015 22 November 2015
James (I)   Mancunia Knight 30 July 2015 22 November 2015
Rilgar Ompastre   Akebar Knight 30 July 2015 22 November 2015
Jackson Eden   Universal Triumvirate Knight 18 August 2015 22 November 2015
Ned Gunderson   Nedland Grand Knight 17 May 2016 22 March 2017