Order of the Imperial Star

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Order of the Star and Rose
Black rose and red star by laghing rabt-d4zgx51.png
Emblem of the Order
Awarded by Flag of Nedland - 3.png Ned Greiner
Country Nedland
TypeChivalric order
Awarded forCivil or diplomatic merit
StatusCurrently awarded
Established29 July 2015
First awarded29 July 2015
Total awarded15

The Order of the Star and Rose is a Nedlandic Chivalric order. It was founded on 29 July 2015 by Nedlandic president Ned Greiner, which made him the head of the order. The majority of the knights are national leaders which Nedland works very closely with. Currently, three people have been knighted.


The Order was created on 29 July 2015, to give all of Nedland's many friends recognition and thus knight them under one great organisation.


There's only 3 grades in which the member is capable of evolving through the 2 first levels, these are:

  • Head - Heads and recruits for the Order.
  • Great Knight/Dame - The most honoured knights in the Order, for Nedland's greatest friends and helpers.
  • Knight/Dame - Honoured person.



Name Nation Date of Receiving
Ned Greiner Nedland 29 July 2015

Great Knights/Dames

Name Nation Date of Receiving
Patrick (I) Renwick Paravia 29 July 2015
Mason Ansari Victoria 29 July 2015
James-Robert Knight Vyktory 30 July 2015
Radia I Humanytaria 30 July 2015
Gabriel N. Pelger Usian Republic 30 July 2015
Billy Neil Erephisia 30 July 2015
Steve (I) Rosarda Abelden 1 August 2015


Name Nation Date of Receiving
Kit McCarthy Mcarthia 29 July 2015
Oscar (I) von Goëtzën Ruthenia 30 July 2015
Leon Williamson Nolland 30 July 2015
Shane Cahill Leylandiistan and Gurvata 30 July 2015
Thomas (I) Cassidy Nolland 30 July 2015
James (I) Cheffins Mancunia 30 July 2015
Richard (I) Cunningham Mercia 30 July 2015
Shady Morsi United Islands 30 July 2015
Alex White Lurk 30 July 2015
James (I) Frisch Beaconite Empire 30 July 2015
Robert Garside Akebar 30 July 2015
Mike Lewis Lundenwic 30 July 2015
Jackson Eden Triumvirate flag.png Universal Triumvirate 18 August 2015