Order of the Controller

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The Order of the Controller is a micronational religion founded and headed by Archon Edward Lance the 1st of Dranoria.


Edward claims that one night a giant controller, shining with golden light appeared to him, and told him to gather his faithful, and to worship him. Edward thus formed the Order of the Controller, a group of highly dedicated acolytes to worship the Controller.

Edward declared himself the first Archon of the Order, and is currently writing the Great Instruction Manual.

Prominent Followers

There are several prominent members of the Order of the Controller within the micronational community, including the entire Dranorian Cabinet.

Religious Holidays


Wintereenmas is a gaming holiday first invented by Tim Buckley of Ctrl+Alt+Del Comics. The Order celebrates the holiday by doubling their prayer, and finishing the celebration with a massive LAN party at their closest Church. For the Northern Hemisphere, the celebration starts on the 1st of December, while the Southern it begins on the 1st of June, and both go for a week.

The 30 day game challenge

Traditionally, the Order celebrates this during October, however the challenge can be declared at any time. Those who complete the challenge are considered blessed, and may be considered for Priesthood.

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