Order of St. Philip the Apostle

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Order of Saint Philip the Apostle
Order of St. Philip the Apostle collar.png
Collar of the Order of St. Philip the Apostle
Awarded by the
GCOA AbelCom.png
Emperor of the Abeldane Empire and King of Alenshka
Type Dynastic order
Established 15 April 2016
Motto Semper in Actu
Always in act
Eligibility Exceptional achievements to the Christendom
Awarded for At the monarch's pleasure
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign Stephen I & II
Grades Knight/Dame (KSP/DSP)
Commander (CSP)
First induction 15 April 2016
Last induction 23 June 2017
Next (higher) Order of the Two Eagles
Next (lower) Order of St. Bartholomew
[[File:Order of Saint Philip the Apostle ribbon bar.png|85x23px|alt=]]
Ribbon of the Order of St. Philip the Apostle

The Order of St. Philip the Apostle is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Abeldane Empire. Founded on the 15 April, it was originally the highest Abeldane chivalric order but due to the establishment of the Order of the Two Eagles, it has come second since.


The order was created on the 15 April 2016, after much consideration by Emperor Stephen on creating a new higher order. The Order of St. Bartholomew became common for awarding and therefore a much higher order was established for highest restriction and eligibility. Eligible people for the order are required to be a Christian of any denomination, as long as their service to the Christendom was of great recognition. An exception for this are the Knights and Dames of the order, which 3 slots are reserved: 2 for the heads of the houses of the federal monarchy and 1 for the Duke of Creton, of which he is a lifetime member.

If the other house succeeds to the throne, the head of the house succeeding will have to relinquish his/her place as Knight/Dame to the head of the house of present.


The order is currently divided into two grades, excluding the sovereign:

  • Sovereign
  • Knight/Dame (Maximum quota of only 4 persons; 3 are reserved and awarded only to the heads of the Imperial Houses and 1 reserved to Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton)
  • Commander (Maximum of only 3 persons)


Knight/Dame (KSP/DSP)

Commander (CSP)