Order of Saint Constantine the Great

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Not to be confused with the philanthropic Order of Saint Constantine.

The Most Noble Order of Saint Constantine the Great
Order of Saint Constantine.png
Grand Cross badge of the Most Noble Order
Awarded by Head of the House of Jacobs
TypeDynastic order
Established4 May 2020
MottoIn hoc signo vinces
Awarded forAt the Sovereign's discretion
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignEdward I
First inductionTBA

The Most Noble Order of Saint Constantine the Great is an order of chivalry founded by Prince Edward I of All Ashukovo in 2020. It is de facto considered as the most senior award and order of knighthood in the Ashukov honors system, despite not being a state award. The Order of Saint Constantine the Great is dedicated to Roman Emperor Constantine, who is also classified as a Saint in the Christian faith.

Appointments are made at the Sovereign's sole discretion. Membership of the Order is limited to the Sovereign and no more than 10 living members, companions excluded. New appointments to the Order of Saint Constantine the Great are often announced on 21 May, Saint Constantine's feast day according to the Orthodox Church, as Saint Constantine is the order's patron saint.

Members ex officio

Name Date of appointment Arms Notes
Jacobs Flag.png Edward I Sovereign since 4 May 2020
Jacobs Arms.png
Founder and Sovereign of the Order.