Order of Hero of Erlande

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Order Hero of Erlande
Awarded by
Coat of arms of Erlanda2.png
the King of the Erlande
Awarded forFor the slugs to the country, and handed personally by the monarch
StatusThe highest state award
Grand MasterDenis I (King Of Erlande)
Next (higher)none
Next (lower)Order Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Order Hero of Erlande (rus.Орден Герой Королевства Эрленда)— State award of the Kingdom of Erlande is the highest title conferred for services to the state and the people associated with heroic deeds

Gerangamete Aronld is the highest state award of Erlande, and equal with the order of the Name of our lady of Guadalupe and the order of Peter the Great is one of the most elite awards.


The Chain оf The Order оf The Hero of Erlande.

The order was established according to the law "On State awards of the United Kingdom of Erlande" dated may 4, 2015. The order itself has a distinctive insignia, the Golden eagle, crowned by the crown and holding the scepter and Orb. Has a gold chain in the form of a gold chain from the eagles, but without the crown. Also can be hung on a ribbon in the colors of the flag.

Knights of the order

  • 4HlDF7MM4sE.jpg His Royal Majesty King Denis I
  • 4HlDF7MM4sE.jpg His grace the Duke Damir Akhtyamov, President of the States General