Order of Excellence

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Order of Excellence
Order of Excellence ribbon bar.svg
Ribbon bar
Awarded by the
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Sovereign of Ikonia
Established19 January 2019
Country Ikonia
CriteriaTo advance the Kingdom's progress in these categories:
Space and aeronautic research
FounderCameron I
SovereignCameron I
First induction19 January 2019
Last induction25 December 2020
Total inductees3
Next (higher)Order of the Compatriots of Prestige
Next (lower)Order of the Heart

The Order of Excellence was a chivalric order in the Kingdom of Ikonia founded by the King Cameron I on 19 January 2019 after reshaping the honor and award system of Ikonia. It was reshaped again after a passing of the Restructure of Awards Act 2020 on 6 December 2020. It was later dissolved on 28 March 2021


Micronation Pre-nominals Name Post-nominals Invested
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Ikonia His Majesty Cameron I 17 December 2020
 Ikonia Junker Kareem Risha ORR OE OV 3 June 2019
 Kapreburg His Grace The Duke of Crystal OD GCP OE OTE 20 August 2020
 Paloma His Grace The Duke of Limiport OD OE OTE 13 November 2020
 New Rizalia His Excellency Seann Torres OC OE OTE 25 December 2020
 Aenderia The Rt. Hon Jayden Lycon OC OE 25 December 2020
 Gradonia The Most Hon. Sir William Wilson OD OE 25 December 2020