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Order of Christina I

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The Order of Christina I is the 3rd highest honour of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, designed by Christina I of Cycoldia, though the design changed on 30 December 2019. The physical copy of the medal was shipped to Cycoldia on 23 March 2020, though they have not been given to many recipients because of the recent ban on non-personal awarding to avoid the spread of COVID-19 due to the concerns of it traveling through the mail causing the spread.

Order of Christina I
Possible Order of Christina I.pngBack of the Order of Christina I.pngCollar of the Order of Christina I Heraldry.svg
Official Medal
Awarded by the
Best Coat Of Arms Of Cycoldia.png
Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia
Established21 March 2019
RibbonNew Bar of the Order of Christina I.png
MottoGloria Imperatoris
Awarded forService and/or showings of servitude under the Crown of Cycoldia
StatusCurrently awarded
ProtectorChristina I of the Royal House of Nowell
GradesProtector (CIP)
Commander (CIC)
Knight (KCI)
Officer (OCI)
First induction30 March 2019
Total inductees8
Next (higher)Knighthood of Cycoldia
Next (lower)Order of Eugene


The way to wear the Order of Christina I, showing each grade of wearing the medal.