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Order of Beremagne

The Order of Beremagne is a decoration instituted by the order of prince Emanuel I of Beremagne, the 30 August 2018

Order of Beremagne
Grand Gouverneur de l'Ordre de Bérémagne.png
Order of Beremagne
Awarded by the Sovereign-Prince of Beremagne
TypeHouse Order
EligibilityAny Citizen or non-citizen, foreign partner.
Awarded forNational cooperation, or for merit towards the Crown, State and Nation in public service.
Established30 August 2018



Knight of the Order of Beremagne.

This order has been created by Emanuel I to award any citizen for his cooperation of for his help to the nation of to the crown. The Nomination of a new holder of the order is declared by the Official Information Service, by a princely decree.


  1.   His Serene Highness the Prince of Beremagne, Emanuel I, as Grand-Cross of the Order (2018)

Wear on the uniform

Ribbon bar of the Order

Reminder bars worn on uniforms
Chevalier Officier Commandeur Grand officier Grand-croix

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