Order of Atlantis

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Order of Atlantis
Awarded by the Federation of Atlantis
Type: Chivalric statal order
Ranks: 4
Awarded for: Meritorious service or achievement
Status: Currently awarded
Established : 2 February 2010
First awarded: 2010
Total awarded: 8
Next (higher) -
Next (lower) Adolfo Pansini Military Order

The Order of Atlantis (Italian: Ordine di Atlantis). The highest ranking honour of the Federation; it is awarded for "merit acquired by the nation" in the fields of literature, the arts, economy, public service, and social, philanthropic and humanitarian activities and for long and conspicuous service in civilian and military careers.


  • OA1classe.PNG 1st Class
  • OA2classe.PNG 2nd Class
  • OA3classe.PNG 3rd Class
  • OA4classe.PNG 4th Class


1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class

4th Class