Order of Arlene I

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Order of Arlene I
Order of Arlene I Arms.png
Awarded by the
Empress of Agber
TypeChivalric order with two ranks
Awarded forPersonal Achievement
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignEmpress Arlene
First induction2013
Last induction2020
Total inductees300+
Next (higher)Order of the Empire of Agber
Next (lower)None (Empire awards)
Order of Kolios (in Kolios)
Order of Carthage (in Carthage)
Order of Cordova (in Cordova)
Exalted Order of the Rising Moon (in Tenshukyō)
Order of the Lion and Thistle (in Maevis)

The Order of Arlene I is an order of chivalry in the Empire of Agber. The official intention of the order is to honor those who have distinguished themselves. It was created on 15 March 2013 as the lowest order encompassing the Empire.

The order was created to give Empress Arlene a relatively cheap way to recognize excellence in individuals at events as an on-the-spot means of recognition. The award has been bestowed at Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Times, and Highland Games for a variety of categories. The categories recognized include jousting, hand-to-hand combat, costuming, music, blacksmithing, glass-blowing, and woodworking

The order has two classes which utilize the same regalia worn in the manner appropriate for the rank awarded:

  • Knight/Dame which is denoted by the wear of the medal of the order suspended from a red, white, and green drape ribbon.
  • Knight/Dame Commander which is denoted by the wear of the medal of the order suspended from a red, white, and green necklet ribbon. Dames of the order may elect to wear the medal of the order from a red, white, and green bow.

Awarding the Order

Regalia of a Dame or Knight of the Order

Award of the Order of Arlene I is typically done as an impromptu small ceremony, where the Empress has the honoree kneel before her. She then knights the individual with use of a ceremonial sword. She then pins the medal to their chest, or drapes the necklet over their head, in cases where the rank of Knight or Dame commander is being conferred. Next, she bids them to rise as a Sir or Dame. In recent years, the ceremonial sword has often been replaced by a scepter, at times, due to changing security concerns at Renaissance Festivals and other such events.

A number of the regalia of the order are typically carried by a member of the Empress' retinue, to allow for the "on the fly" approach to the honor. There was initially an attempt to keep records of the individual awards. This was quickly abandoned, as it was seen as ineffective and contrary to the intent of the award.

Unlike other orders of the Empire, very few citizens of Agber or its dependent nations have received the honor. A very large number of the awards have gone to young children who have dressed up for the events attended by the Empress. The Empress said in 2020 that these interactions are some of her favorite moments of her reign.