Optimates (Montescano)

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The Optimates are a right-wing Montescanesque political faction, founded in late 2019. The faction is partially-inspired by and named after the historical Ancient Roman faction of the same name. It follows an ideological platform compromised of "monarchism, feudalism, Imperiumism and reactionism" and actively supports legislation upholding social conservatism and aristocracy.

LeaderLord Krishtof von Drakon, Marquess of Asenhorod
Deputy leaderLord Hasan Çakar, Marquess of Iskorosten
Membership  (2019)2
Ideology • Monarchism
 • Feudalism
 • Imperium
 • Reactionary
Political positionRight-wing to Far-right
Official coloursGold, Purple (official)
Council of State
2 / 8
Privy council
2 / 2

The Optimates were founded on 11 December 2019, immediately following the passing of the "Political factions act", making them the first political faction within the history of Montescano. Grand Pensionary Lord von Drakon, Marquess of Asenhorod and Lord Çakar, Marquess of Iskorosten were the founding members, with Marquess of Asenhorod becoming the leader as the highest-ranking Council of State member.