Oligarchy of South Willard

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The Oligarchy of South Willard was a micronation based in the southern portion of Willard, Missouri.

Oligarchy of South Willard

Three stars, three leaders
Rise, O Voices of South Willard
Capital citySalisbury
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameSouth Willard
DemonymWillader (Will-uh-dur)
- OligarchDustin
- OligarchQuintin
- OligarchAndrew
LegislatureNational Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
Established28th of October, 2018
Area claimed3.82 square miles
Time zoneCentral Standard Time (CST)
National sportFootball & Soccer
National animalDeer


The Nation of South Willard was created on Sunday the 28th of October, 2018. It quickly turned into an Oligarchy of three people, those being Leader Dustin, of the Army, Leader Quintin, of Foreign Affairs and Economy, and Leader Andrew, who worked as support.


South Willard claimed a large swathe of land, most of that land being owned and administered by other people, businesses, and governments, independent of South Willard.

The Oligarchy of South Willard had a mix of developed land and wild grasslands/forests.



Named after Leader Dustin's now passed Grandpa, Lee was incorporated the same day as Salisbury, Tuesday, October, 30th, 2018.


Nordenmittle was the most northern territory of the nation. It was the financial hub, and was also home to all of the education services. It was incorporated on November 8. The territory of Nordensmittel was administered by Leader Andrew.


A large residential territory in the heart of the Oligarchy. It contains very few stores and has a decent amount of farm land. Massania was incorporated by Leader Andrew on November 8.


Capital Salisbury

The City of Salisbury was first settled by the Leader Dustin on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018. It was incorporated as Sofia, and was the oldest city in the nation. It was the city where the administration of the nation was conducted from. The original name of the capital was Sofia, but on November 21st it was changed to Salisbury, to honor the Rhodesians.


Essenstadt, translating literally as "eat city", administered the all of the restaurants in the Oligarchy. The western side of this territory had the largest residential zone in the nation. It was incorporated by Leader Andrew on November 8th.


Autumn Ridge Colony

The colony was lived in and administered by Leader Quintin, it was within the US state of Iowa.


People that lived in South Willard before its ascension lived there under the right of "Native Privileges". South Willard was home to apartment complexes, suburban neighborhoods, with an uncountable amount of people living there.

Foreign Affairs

The Oligarchy of South Willard allied with four micronations, these micronations were apart of the Blitz Pakt:

  • Das_Neue_KaiserReich,
  • Kurttm_republic,
  • Kingdom of San Corvania, and
  • The F.U.T.U.R.E.